Jul 18, 2014

India Couture Week 2014 - Day 3 Highlights

The India Couture week 2014 – Day 3
India Couture Week presented by Shree Raj Mahal Jewelers has started with a bang and left us spellbound with the drama, glamour and glitz.
Day 3 caught us under the alluring spell of beautiful creations and intricate detailing presented by three Fashion sensations Monisha Jaising, Varun Bahl and Rohit Bal.
Monisha Jaising’s showcased her “World bride” collection where the ramp was set up like a Paris street. The clothing line was inspired by the 18th Century Rococo style. Her collections varied from sequined chiffon gowns to floral sarees. The showstopper Lisa Haydon glided down the ramp in a leather lehenga and white knotted top teamed with a "maharani haar" from Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers.
Varun Bahl's collection transcended from monochromatic hues to pastels with intricate embroideries.
Rohit Bal lit the ramp with an array of white wedding outfits. The bridegrooms graced the ramp in Maharaja outfits with neckpieces designed by Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers. The stunning brides were dressed in white & ornamented with the designer bridal jewellery – “Svara & Sondarya.” The look channels a whimsical and versatile vibe.
Stay tuned for more updates! Cant wait to share the Manish Arora & Gaurav Gupta’s collection. XOXO.
 Varun Bahl's Couture Collection exemplifies elegance and poise
Monochromatic hues - All black ensemble in flowing silhouette by Varun Bahl
 Rohit Bal's Wedding Collection exudes elegance and panache
 Diana Hayden steals the show in Monisha Jaisingh's ensemble

 The dreamlike "Paris Street" set up at Monisha Jaisingh's show

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Jul 17, 2014

Kebabs and Kurries - Culinary Delights

Kebabs and Kurries - Culinary Delights 

My life in Mumbai has always been on the move. The traffic snarls, rains and idiosyncrasies of this city really make you tough and change you as a person over the years. Well, lets just take the life as it comes. 
There is nothing like indulging in a luxury cuisine and savoring the delicacies to soothe the grumpy olfactory nerves. We often have this preconceived notion of that standalone restaurants serving better food than 5 star hotel. Kebabs and Kurries at ITC Parel has already got rave reviews and has been doing the rounds ever since its inception. I have been to ITC Sonar Bangla in Kolkata also and this Luxury Hotel in Mumbai didnt fail to entice me. 
We went on a Wednesday night and the place was pretty packed. The chef and the Food and Bevarage Manager Saurabh joined us and guided us through an exhaustive list of menu. The place caters to a lot of vegeterian clientele. 
I usually look forward to starters as Indian curries are usually heavy and deprived of nutrition. We started with mutton and it was perhaps the juiciest piece of meat you could get your teeth on. We could feel the goodness pervade our senses. 
The star of the evening was 'King of Kebabs' marinated in besan instead of hung curd which is normally used. It is perfect for the lactose intolerant and healthiest of all. The after taste is smoky with a tinge of onions. 
Coming to the mains, they stuck to the basics. We ordered Kalinga Machli which was okay. It was cooked to perfection and gets its zip from mustard. The ‘Daakhni Saag’ was to die for. The chef left us dumbstruck when we were served whole wheat naans after my ramblings about being health conscious. 
I was in no mood for a sweet splurge and extra calories. My friend had a kulfi and could not stop talking about it. I totally vouch for Indian traditional desserts
other than desserts in chocolates. 

King of Kebabs marinated in besan instead of hung curd for those who avoid dairy or are lactose intolerant. 
Mutton - The juiciest piece of meat you could get your teeth on
Kalinga Machli - Fish marinated with turmeric and simmered in mustard paste with red chilli, cumin seeds and coriander stems, finished with a hint of turmeric
Tali Subz Machli - Fish fillet marinated in a mix of fresh ginger, green chillies and coriander leaves, coated with bread crumbs and cooked on a tawa. 
Dakhni Saag - Subtle blend of spinach, tomatoes, dill leaves tempered with garlic and red chili. 

What I like? 
- The succulent kebabs
-  Impeccable hospitality and immaculate service. 
- I have always been against white breads and whole wheat naans just won  the brownie points. 

What I didn’t like? 
- Of course not that pocket friendly! One can indulge in occassionally and take expat friends to savor the Indian food. 

ITC Grand Central, 287, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Parel, Mumbai

Rs. 1950 + taxes (without alcohol)
Rs. 2300 + taxes (with alcohol)

Awaiting your valuable comments 

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Jul 13, 2014

Instagram + Life in Pictures

Instagram + Life in Pictures
I wish I could make time to blog every single day but I doubt that will happen. I am not in a mood to write much today. Let the pictures do the talking. Here take a sneak peak into some of my Instagram posts. I am off to Daman this weekend for a monsoon getaway and cannot wait to unwind and beat the blues. XOXO :)

In the above picture I am wearing PJ pants by ZARA and black top by MANGO and gladiator sandals by Forever 21. I love these super comfy pants in tropical prints. I have not got the time to do outfit posts and go out for a shoot. 
I swear by these raw juices by Raw Pressery. They are 100% natural. I usually have fruits in the morning or once in a while pre or post workout. They are sugar and high in carbs. So make sure you have these juices at right time of the day. 
My aphrodisiac packed with antioxidants! Need I say more? 
Post workout dinner peri peri grilled chicken with veggies at Smoke House Deli
The best nutrition bars in the world with no added sugar. Someone please get me more! 

 Stay tuned! XOXO. 

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Jul 6, 2014

Pretty Secrets

Pretty Secrets

Does not the name only intrigues you? I am sure most of us love indulging in online retail therapy during wee hours and right from the comforts of your house. I am totally in love with Pretty Secrets which is an amazing shopping portal. My new found love! Their comfy fit new range is to die for. 

About PrettySecrets
PrettySecrets is India's premium online lingerie store featuring sexy and trendy collection of bras, panties, lingerie, sets, nightwear, swimwear, activewear and women dresses. Shop with them and get the latest styles of women lingerie and apparel delivered at your doorstep.

The new range is as comfy as your favorite tee. It is smooth and comes with soft padding. The citrus colors are to die for. Take a look at their new comfy fit and I bet you will end up indulging in guilt free retail therapy. 

I cannot stop raving about their products. Their packaging is swanky and cute. It will surely pep up your gloomy day. Here is an exclusive voucher for all my readers! Go ahead and start stalking them.  

View the comfy fit range here

Enjoy the best online lingerie shopping at their portal. Here is the coupon code for all my blog fans with a special discount of Rs 500 on purchase of Rs 1500 and above. It is valid for a month. 

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Jun 29, 2014

Smoothie on the Go - Fit Life

Smoothie on the Go - Fit Life 

It has been a while I did a fitness post. Well, my Instagram posts are flooded with food pictures but if only I had the time to cover everything on my blog. I see everyone is on the move with never ending to-do list. I hate to see people eating all crap food. You are what you eat! I totally believe in this fitness mantra. 
Things don't happen overnight. It is a lifestyle that you need to sustain forever. One takes time to form habits and it is all about repeating good habits. I just feel bloated and disgusted after my helter-skelter eating habits and no workouts for 2-3 days in a row. You cant keep slacking and justifying that you have been slogging your ass off throughout the day. Make sure you execute your plan and suck it up. 
Nothing calms down my frayed nerves than a good workout. I got the time to try some of the smoothies and trust me they are time saving quick recipes.

This is a yummy fruit smoothie. It includes pineapple, kiwi, apple and orange juice with crushed ice. 
This is my favorite smoothie. I have a thing for chocolates and this is the perfect nutrient packed smoothie post workout or as post workout dinner if you end up hitting the gym late in the night. 
It includes 1/2 banana, 1 date, crushed ice, 1 tbsp ground flax powder, 1/4 cup almond and 1 tbsp chocolate whey protein (If you do not want carbs at all you can skip the banana. I put only few slices of it to make it sweet along with 1-2 dates) 
A perfect green smoothie on the go!
It includes spinach leaves, 1 carrot,  half a banana, few pieces of apple, crushed ice and water if required. 

Some of the other smoothie options could be: 
Spinach and strawberry
1/2 cup low fat yogurt, 2 cups of water, 1 banana, 1 cup sliced strawberries, 2 cups spinach, honey or maple if you prefer sweet 

1 beetroot, 1 carrot, 1 apple, 1/5 lemon juice 

Fruit smoothie for the morning 
1 cup strawberries, 1 cup kiwi, 1 cup fresh orange juice.

The trick is not to add to many fruits as it has fructose which is sugar and carbs heavy. 

Cheers to fit life! 

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Jun 26, 2014

Look Of The Day - Peplum love

Look Of The Day - Peplum Love

I have never been that fond of peplum as they look unflattering and seem to engulf the wearer. For quite some time the trend was pointless to me. But they dont seem to be going away anytime soon and are omnipresent. I dont want to sound like a fashion victim but I just ended up buying a top with a beautiful red floral print. 
I have worn this top so many times and I am so glad it is here on the blog too. Somehow, it is a true testament to versatility and femininity. 
However, it does add extra something to the silhouette and does not really define your curves. The trick is to wear it right especially on a curvy body like mine. May be an off shoulder peplum dress looks great on all body types. A skinny girl can carry off this curve enhancing peplum without any qualms. It is best to keep rest of the look fuss free with minimal accessories. Here take a look. 

Photograph Courtesy: Tanmay Patnaik 

I am wearing
Top - Forever 21
Denims - Forever 21
Accessories - Fab Alley 
Bag - DKNY
Wedges - Steve Madden

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For those who are viewing this page. I ought to tell you this that it is my opinion and my blog. I am a dictator of taste but I don't inflict myself on you, Period. It is okay to have your own opinion. It is okay to dislike and even criticize. It is okay to think others are jobless and not worth it. It is okay to be jealous of others and mock at them, grimace and continue brooding over it. But you are nobody to inflict yourself and your beliefs on others. You might harbor resentment but the problems spring up when you raise your voice publicly and when your comments will be a slur on others. Because in the process you will be hurting someone and such actions will demean the person. 
I tell you, everyone has their own beliefs and faith in something, even our own opinions and ideas change. But you cant meddle in or snoop into someone's affairs and look  down on them when nobody came up to you personally.
I would just say lead your own life in a good way. I had read these beautiful lines somewhere, “Work on self improvement so that you don’t have time for criticizing others.”
It is your choice and it is my choice. What choices I make, it defines me. I have all the love for the people who visit my blog and appreciate my efforts and my interests. I would humbly bow down. XOXO.

Jun 20, 2014

Delhi Couture Week becomes India Couture Week

 Delhi Couture Week becomes India Couture Week 

Well, I cannot wait to share this big news with you. Delhi Couture Week has been revamped as India Couture Week where Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers are the sponsors of this prestigious fashion week. 

Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers combines leading edge fashionable style with traditional influences and luxurious materials. Each and every piece is crafted to perfection with intricate detailing. 

Sunil Sethi from FDCI described the collection as exquisite. He spoke about the Shree Raj Mahal Jeweller's grand exhibition that will happen at the India Couture Week

Founder Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers, Praveen Goel said that the new bridal collection that will be showcased at FDCI's ICW will be innovative and different from others. 

Leading designers like Manish Malhotra and Anju Modi were present to grace this occasion. The dates of India Couture Week officially announced are July 15-20. 

ICW logo was unveiled by the prodigies from the field of Indian Fashion - Manish MalhotraAnjuModiGaurav Gupta and Monisha Jaising.

Make sure you follow the updates around India Couture Week on all the properties of Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers

Jun 10, 2014

Bed Time Routine - Skin Care Essentials

Bed Time Routine - Skin Care Essentials 

It is always advised to invest in good skin care products. I keep changing the routine once in a while and trying new products. I love to pamper and splurge on good skin care products. Here take a look at my bed time routine. I look forward to your inputs as well. XOXO. 

- Cleanser: Forest Essentials

I bought this because I liked the ingredients but it does not lather easily. The only good thing is that it is natural and not that harsh. I will switch to another one once this gets over. 

- Toner: Tea Tree Toner by Fab India

Perhaps one of the best toners that I keep buying over and over again. It is natural and alcohol free. I also switch to rose water once in a while. 
Price: 150 INR

- Serum: Dream Tone Skin Corrector by Lancome

Well, this is a miracle potion by Lancome and comes in a pretty ombre bottle in pink hues. Skin feels amazing. I use this twice in the morning and evening. However it is not that pocket friendly. 

- Eye Cream: Seba Med

I have tried several eye creams and trust me most of them dont show miracles and live up to what they claim. But I consider it as skin care and it is important to invest in a good eye cream. Seba Med has good products and I am currently using this eye cream recommended by dermatalogist. However, it has no visible results. 

- Retino

Retin A is an anti-ageing ingredient recommended by dermatologist. It has tretinoin which is a derivative of Vitamin A which reduces wrinkles, areas of darkened skin (hyper-pigmentation) and acne. You can google more to know about it and it is available in various variants in the market. I use this every night before going to bed. 

- Anti Aging Cream: FUCUS Aquaspark

Nature’s Co is an eco friendly and a natural brand. I use this as a moisturizer or night cream after Retino. 
Ingredients: FUCUS (Seaweed Extract) 
Coneflower extract
Asiatic Centella extract
Shea butter 
Price: 795 INR
Works as a moisturizer. 

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Jun 1, 2014

Instagram + Ramblings

Instagram + Ramblings 

I think I am cursed with expensive taste and I like to be surrounded with the best things. Well, we all live in a material world and I am not going to deny it that I am not materialistic in spite of your stereotypical thinking. I comprehend the depravity of life but with money you are able to purchase a financial peace of mind. You might be quick to judge me but I dont live by your rules. I am a liberated girl. I know what I am doing. 
I am so tired of relocating to different cities that all my wardrobe has been stuffed back home and I can hardly carry all my stuff with the baggage limit. Here are some of the Instagram posts I would like to share with you. I wish I could blog everyday but I just cannot make time! 

Tandoori Mixed Grill at Mocambo, Kolkata (One of my favorite places and I have reviewed about it before here
Chicken Salad at French Loaf, Kolkata
Partying with my girls
My new splurge..got my initials engraved *million dollar smile*

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May 28, 2014

Culinary Delights - Ankur

Culinary Delights - Ankur

"Fish = Fitness" is a known phenomena, so when I "discovered" Ankur. A cute big place in Kala Ghoda amidst the confusing lanes and heritage area little did I know my taste buds were in for a treat. 
It has been around for over 50 years and is a dream come true if you looking for authentic manglorean cuisine in Mumbai. Establised in 1941, it is perhapes one of the oldest places in a discreet location in Fort area of Mumbai. 
We were famished when we arrived post workout. Mr Devdas recommended us Fish Kochi and Fish Thekkady which is marinated in ginger garlic and red chilli paste. Sweet and spicy fragrance of ginger, coconut and chillies infused to create a gastronomical masterpiece was heavenly. I can say it without any qualms that it is definitely one of the best fish I have had in Mumbai. 

While our taste buds were enticed, we eyed our mains. We ordered chicken which was ok. And the main course we stuck to fish again, which was again off the charts. The other sea food items looked very tempting. I am sure prawns dishes would be executed well too as Mr Devdas highly recommended it to us but am just a "fishetarian" when it comes to sea food. My friend ordered neer dosa with the fish curry and chicken. 

From the price point perspective, it is not that steep but not exactly cheap. While I was in no mood for a sweet splurge my friend ordered a mango kulfi which was decent. 

Fish Kochi and Fish Thekkady 
Mango kulfi that my friend ordered

Verdict:  In short, if you haven't been here already, a visit is required surely just to gorge on the sea food and you can thank me later for it.

What I like? 
- Fish Kochi and Fish Thekkady were star of the evening.
- Impeccable service and hospitality. 
- The place is located in the quaint old town giving a contemporary vibe unlike other commercial sea food places in Mumbai

What I didnt like? 
- It is not really pocket friendly but guess all the sea food places are exorbitantly priced. 

CuisineIndian, Manglorean, Sea Food

Pocket Pinch: 1800 INR - 2000 INR (For two) 

Address77, Meadows House, M P Shetty Marg, Fort, Mumbai
Phone: 022 22654194, 022 22630393
Hours:  12:00–3:30 pm, 6:00 pm – 12:00 am

Rating: 4/5

Follow their  Facebook page for the upcoming events and nights.

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