Feb 17, 2013

Look Of The Day - Pristine White

Look Of The Day - Pristine White
Sometimes you just want to detox your wardrobe from the neon pops and ubiquitous trends like graphics, florals and other eccentric prints. My wardrobe is flooded with colors so I decided to ease up for a change. This Spring Summer 13, the clothes are white and monochromes and stripes. The color white, known for its innocence is pristine. It is an impeccable piece in your closet. I have discovered the soothing potential of white, its purity and the calmness. 
In this outfit, I have paired a simple white tee with a navy skirt and my favorite duffel bag that breaks the monotony. The white loafers from ZOVI add an element of sophistication and complete the look. Don't limit white to your clothes. Here take a look.
Photograph courtesy - Vineet Vijay
I am wearing
Skirt - Vero Moda
White Tee - Vero Moda
Watch - GUESS 
Rings - Colaba Street, Mumbai
White Loafers - ZOVI

For those who are viewing this page. I ought to tell you this that It is my opinion and my blog. I am a dictator of taste but I don't inflict myself on you, Period. It is okay to have your own opinion. It is okay to dislike and even criticize. It is okay to think others are jobless and not worth it. It is okay to be jealous of others and mock at them, grimace and continue brooding over it . But you are nobody to inflict yourself and your beliefs on others. You might harbor resentment but the problems springs up when you raise your voice publicly and when your comments will be a slur on others. Because in the process you will be hurting someone and such actions will only demean the person. 
I tell you, everyone has their own beliefs and faith in something, even our own opinions and ideas change. But you cant meddle in or snoop into someone's affairs and look  down on them when nobody came up to you personally.
I would just say lead your own life in a good way. I had read these beautiful lines somewhere, “Work on self improvement so that you don’t have time for criticizing others.”
It is your choice and it is my choice. What choices I make, it defines me. I have all the love for the people who visit my blog and appreciate my efforts and my interests. I would humbly bow down. XOXO.


  1. love everything from tips to toe :)

  2. The shoes,nail paints and the rings! Orgasmic.

  3. You look gorgeous ! Love what your wearing :D
    xoxo <3


  4. You are adorable!
    Love that shirt on you :)


  5. I love those rings!! Looks like I need to make another trip to Mumbai :)
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, Niki x

  6. Hello lovely Megha, I'm loving this look ..those quirky rings are just perfect for the outfit! Very interesting blog!! Thanks for visiting my blog:-) Following you now via GFC, follow back if you like!


  7. Hi, wow, you gotta lovely blog. Great work. Keep it up. Happy blogging.


  8. I've always been a big fan of white and blue combo!! and incorporating white shoes really refined the look!!!


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  10. Lovely! especially loved the funky green nailpolish and ring! Awesome!

  11. very stylish! Loved the green nail-paint..it enhences your look ! :)

  12. Awesome :-)
    I love white and my husband too like very much to see me in white :-)

  13. hey Megha,, how have u been?

    Looking fab :) and love the green on ure nails. Great pics


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  17. Cute outfit! I love your green nail polish!

    Sita xx

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  20. Lovely Outfit..Lovely pictures....
    This is my first visit to your blog and the experience is awesome..

    I loke you style..

  21. OMG you looks damn cute loved your pics dear <3

  22. Loved the green nails! The outfit too! :)

  23. the nails!!! <3


  24. Loved ur outfit specially d skirt nd ya green colour on d nails makes an extra tinch on ur whole luk!!!

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