Jan 25, 2014

Carla Mathis in India for the First time - Personal Branding

Carla Mathis In India for the First time - Personal Branding 

Do you know?

      "Personal branding is a step by step process for building a powerful and compelling personal and professional profile so that you can achieve your wildest dreams, both personally and professionally. “
    "Strategically planning your personal brand allows you to stake your claim as the authority in your industry and position your brand as the only choice brand.” 
     I learnt this while I was interning for Urbanista Image Consulting Company and I could not wait to share this wonderful opportunity with you. 

       Certified Course with Carla Mathis organized by Urbanista Image Consulting LLP

For the first time, India will witness the magic that is Carla Mathis, specialist in image consulting and personal styling, psychology of colors, color analysis and style analysis. A renowned name in the industry, she is one of the nine certified Image Masters worldwide (CIM) and has co-authored the bible of image consultancy- “The Triumph of Individual Style”.

Learn from the Master” is a unique course for the people who want to make themselves a Brand name in the Image Consulting Industry. An International level course by Carla Mathis, it will bring in an advanced perspective to the field and showcase her knowledge to aspiring image consultants. This 9 day course will be organized in the month of April, covering everything you need to know about the science of style, color, wardrobe (5 days) and styling men for success (2 days) taught by Carla. 2 additional days of training will give specific training for consultants to work with Indian clients, focusing on sari draping as camouflage technique, and makeup and hair styling according to face shape. This popular and effective course has empowered consultants worldwide to add higher value to their services with clients, and will now be offered in India.

With extensive experience and knowledge, Carla Mathis will share the tips and tricks with the participants. Carla will train for the first time in India so this course will be a value add for the existing Image consultants as this will upgrade their skills and will be a learning experience.

Sheena Agarwaal Principal director Urbanista Image Consulting LLP says “We are very proud to invite Carla Mathis ( co-founder of Body Beautiful and author of “The Triumph of the Individual Style”). Carla Mathis is coming to India for a reason, which is she wants to train budding image consultants and help practicing image consultant polish their skills under her guidance.”

Don’t miss this unique learning platform where learning insights are acquired through observation, facilitated Q & A followed by role modeling opportunities. Whether just beginning your career or seeking fresh tools and inspiration, this is a special opportunity to study with a true master in this industry.

This course will be a new and unique training opportunity for all image consultants and fashion stylists. It will help to discover a revolutionary process for creating an authentic image! Get to the heart of your client's identity and personality using symbols, images and reflective questions” added Sheena Agarwaal.

About Carla Mathis
Carla Mathis, published author, world-renowned lecturer, and president/co-founder of Body Beautiful is based in Los Angeles, California. Her landmark book The Triumph of Individual Style, used in design schools in the USA and abroad has become the ‘bible’ of the fashion and image industries. One of 9 Certified Image Masters (CIM) worldwide, Carla consults with individuals & groups in the USA and internationally. She also teaches courses locally and abroad. Body Beautiful has a network of 300+ stylists worldwide, trained to offer the highest level of individualized service in our industry using the Body Signature System of Master Color Sets and Consultation Guides with their clients.

       About Urbanista Image Consulting LLP
Urbanista Image Consulting LLP a well known Image consulting firm based in Delhi India, Established In the year 2010, Urbanista Image Consulting is the Renowned image training and Consulting group in India. Founder and principal image consultant Sheena Agarwal, is a certified image consultant, with formal education on the field, from world renowned Master Christina Ong. She further attended Masterclasses by Carla Mathis. Urbnaista Image
Consulting provides customized Personal Branding solutions to our clients both on an individual and corporate level. In the past they have worked with employees from Big Cinemas, Apollo Munich Life Insurance, Shoppers Stop, Ranjan Narula Associates, TiE, Vodafone, Beetel and GE.

Carla Mathis founded a consultancy and training institute in 1981, after being mentored for many years by the founder of the Personal Color movement, Suzanne Caygill. Carla went on to co-write and publish "The Triumph of Individual Style," and became an internationally renown authority on color, image and the psychology of style. Used in design school in the US and abroad, "Triumph" is considered the ‘bible’ of the fashion and image industries. Carla is one of 9 Certified Image Masters (CIM) worldwide.

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