Feb 2, 2014

Swiss Food Festival at Out Of The Blue

Swiss Food Festival at Out Of The Blue 
The first month of this year is over and I have been busy settling down in Mumbai. Last week (sorry for the late update), I was invited to Out of The Blue in Khar and share the Swiss experience. It is one of the most popular places in the line of desserts and cafes and swarming with people. It is one of the eateries that enthralls with gastronomical fare and lively ambiance.

The Swiss Food Festival had an assorted menu comprising of classic Swiss Rosti served with choice of sauces/meat along with grilled veggies and napped with cream cheese sauce, sizzling Swiss Skillet's, Swiss breakfast and desserts. The main course had everything from Duck Tagliata with spicy sauce to salmon or chicken.

Veg and Non Veg Quiche
Loved their in-house wine!
The exotic ingredients! 
Chef demonstrating how to make a fondu using the right technique.
Cheese Fondu!
Chicken Cordon Blue with Swiss style potato Rosti and grilled veggies
We didn't really dig into the main course. The fondu made by the chefs and other teams along with various ingredients was good enough for me!
However, the chicken dish that I ordered was not up to the mark. I could feel the goodness of succulent chicken pervade my senses but it was not as intriguing as menu had talked them up to be.  

The fondu making contest was amazing. It was super fun! We were given an exotic variety of ingredients like nuts, peanut butter, jalapenos, liqour, rum, cream, mini marshmallow, cocoa powder, strawberries, hazelnut, figs, praline, melon, gulkand, belgian chocolate, cherry, grapes, litchi etc, etc.  to showcase our culinary skills within two minutes.
Guys, make sure you head to Out Of The Blue and savor their culinary delights. I can vouch for it!

What I like? 
Chef’s demo of fondu making and helping us master the art of making a perfect fondu which has substance, balance and flavor. (Though our team didn't win) 

What I didn't like?
The main course that we ordered was nothing out of the box. The chicken was not grilled to perfection and the whose dish was a let down. (May be everyone was in hurry to leave and they had to serve it soon.)

Le Sutra Hotel, 14 Union Park, Off Carter Road, Khar West, Mumbai
022 26003000, 022 26003001


  1. wow, the food looks really delicious, i think they taste really yummy.

  2. The fondue making thing sounds like so much fun! Few delicacies are as comforting as hot melting fondue in this Winter!

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