Freelance writer. Style Consultant. Fitness freak. Health junkie. Shopping maniac. Avid reader. MakeUp Geek. Movie buff. People person. Passionate lover. Web Explorer. I nurture a passion for writing. My intriguing love for fashion keeps growing and I can be a dictator of taste.

My hobby bloomed out of a childhood obsession with glossy magazines and finer things in life. I began Fit As A Fiddle as a creative outlet during my studies while I busted my butt to lose weight. My blog gained a strong following by the time I graduated from NIFT with masters in fashion management degree. I write about all things healthy, fashionable and stylish. When I am not writing or working, I will be breaking a sweat in the gym.

My days are spent at work, exploring culinary escapades and making travel plans. Besides, being the founder of Fit As A Fiddle and having worked in retail for 4 years including enterprises like Reliance Brands, I am also a full-time shopping expert for a US-based app called MEZI. Fit As A Fiddle’s mission is to encourage clean eating, living a healthy lifestyle and meaningful, offbeat travel.

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