Food Review – Fresh Healthy Cafe

How I wish there were more nutrient packed food eateries in India! A quiet evening with good food is all that I could ask for after a hectic day at work.  The menu offers interesting healthy options which was surely de-stressing for me. I hate eating crap that leads to a guilt trip and does […]

Kolkata Diaries 3 – Food Review – Mocambo

I have been having a great time exploring the city and experiencing culinary delights. The city has its own charm just like Bangalore. Mocambo is one place you get to hear about, the moment you step in Kolkata which brings with it a dose of contemporary culture. It is quite opulent by Kolkata standards. I got to […]

Kolkata Diaries 2 – Food Review – Fire And Ice

There is nothing like spending a quiet evening with divine food and old friends with a dash of oomph. I am not really a food buff but love dining at interesting and flamboyant places. Fire and Ice in Kolkata is one of its kind restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine. The place gives a happy […]

Travelogue – Restaurant Review: Hometown Cafe

I love to savor culinary delights and It feels great to share my culinary experiences with you. I happened to visit an awesome place in Mumbai during my vacation. Hometown Cafe has a peppy atmosphere and a decent ambience. It was pretty crowded even on a Thursday night and the place gives a happy vibe. […]