Culinary Marvels – Back Stage – Kolkata

My last few days in the city and I have not been able to covet time and blog about the ‘must-visit’ places in Kolkata which I will miss. The city of joy is known for food. Although, street food is not my thing (Unhealthy!) but one can relish good bengali and continental food. You get one of the best chicken steaks here.

Back Stage is one of such places in the city where I can savor good food without compromising on my fitness regime. It also has a big spacious resto-bar on the first floor. 
The place offers exclusivity in terms of ambience, food and drinks. It has a nice and warm ambience although located on the busy road. A look through the menu reveals deli fare and more — all day breakfast range, sandwiches (not whole wheat or multi grain), appetizers, shakes, and mains that include pasta, pizza and also shisha. Don’t expect whole wheat base! 
We ordered roast chicken in barbecue sauce. The dish was executed perfectly. I could feel the goodness of succulent chicken pervade my senses. The cottage cheese with nuts and veggies was presented well. The quantity was sufficient and was as intriguing as menu had talked them up to be. The omelette with chicken we ordered later had meagre amount of chicken pieces. 
Cottage cheese steak with nuts, mashed potatoes, baroque sauce on the side and steamed veggies
Super Sunday with some hot chocolate!
Yummy egg white omelette! Although I wish they would introduce whole wheat bread soon.
Juiciest piece of roast chicken you can get your teeth on!
I visit the place often especially for the Roast Chicken to get a protein packed meal! You can spend your sunday afternoon while flipping through the magazine over a cup of hot cocoa and soothe your grumpy olfactory nerves! 

Highly recommended in spite of few quirks. Divine food! 

Must-try:  Thickest shakes, roast chicken and cottage cheese steak with nut crust. 

What I like?
Value for money! Amazing roasted chicken grilled to perfection!

What I didn’t like?
– No whole wheat breads in spite of number of suggestions. 
– Many of the dishes mentioned on the menu were not available.  
– The service was not up to the mark even though it was not crowded
Pocket Pinch: 1000 INR (Meal for two without alcohol)

Sector 5: Salt Lake, Kolkata
12 PM till midnight
033 66064206

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