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How I wish there were more nutrient packed food eateries in India! A quiet evening with good food is all that I could ask for after a hectic day at work.  The menu offers interesting healthy options which was surely de-stressing for me. I hate eating crap that leads to a guilt trip and does not do any good to my body. Organic coffees, panini wraps, whole grain bagels, fresh fruit smoothies with add-on options like soya blend, whey protein, etc and yoghurts made me feel exhilarated. 

Fresh Healthy Cafe is an international chain and I am sure the menu abroad would have wider choices. The soothing ambience and food for the soul is perfect combination to make you feel mellow. Whole wheat bagels with eggs sat on white plates. The fresh smoothie with whey protein did wonders to stir up my senses and give a boost to my low energy levels. I truly heart this place and won’t have second thoughts about going here again. 

Peach and strawberry smoothie with whey protein, pomegranate blueberry smoothie with whey protein

Whole wheat bagels with sesame seeds, eggs and onion cream cheese
About Fresh Healthy Cafe
Tired of today’s fast food culture? Well, so are we, and we’re doing something about it in a big way. FRESH is constantly searching the world for the healthiest ingredients for our menu. Other healthy restaurants may have a flashy name but at FRESH we’re all about quality and health. Pure and premium is the best way to describe our food and drinks. To top it off, we serve all of our food and drinks in ecofriendly cups and containers so you and our environment can look and feel great.
309, Albert Road, Hotel Royal Castle, Amritsar
20, Near Pizza Hut, Grenville Apartments, Samarth Vaibhav Nagar, Andheri Lokhandwala, Mumbai
7:30 AM to Midnight
It will soon open in many other locations in Mumbai 

Pocket Pinch: 800 meal for 2
What I like? Falafel panini (can order wrap too), whole grain bagel and blueberry-pomegranate smoothie
Must Try: Panini and smoothies 
What I don’t like? It is not really pocket friendly. They skimp on the ingredients. The quantity of the salad was not really worth it. 
Verdict: Perfect cafe for the health conscious and fitness freaks. The soothing ambience wins the brownie points. 

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