Healthkart Haul and Review – Summer Essentials

This sultry heat in Delhi is killing me. Here are some of the summer essentials to beat the heat.

Check them out and make sure you take care of your skin during summers. Eat clean, drink oodles of water and cover yourself when stepping out in the sun.

1. VLCC Mulberry Body Lightning

About the product

For smooth, healthy & radiant skin
This light, velvet-like lotion is enriched with natural Mulberry ( Morus Alba ) fruit extract – a botanical skin lightening agent.
Regular usage lightens skin tone making it visibly fairer over time
Potent antioxidants protect your skin from harmful free radicals
SPF 15 provides UVA and UVB protection to prevent skin darkening and premature ageing

2. Jojoba Oil

In summers you might not want to use heavy creams which can be sticky but your skin should be well hydrated. Jojoba Oil is a multi-purpose essential oil with plethora of benefits.
– Perfect for face, great for removing wrinkles
– Makeup remover
– For chapped dry lips
– Heals dry itchy, red blotchy skin
– Leaves body glowing
– The oil is very light, has a very pleasant smell and doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy afterwards lending a shimmering touch to the skin
– You can apply 1 drop to damp hair for shine and frizz control
– It can be used for feet, encourages healing of the skin, prevents growth of bacterial and fungal microbes.
Use few drops with rose water or mix other essential oil and just pat on your face 3-4 times.

3.  Neutrogena Hand Cream

About the product
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream has active glycerin that offers intensive moisturization to rough and dry hands, thus making your hands instantly softer. This product is perfect for harsh winters which easily dry the skin. This highly concentrated formula is clinically proven and quickly heals dry hands. It enhances the look and feel of your skin. Your hands will feel smooth and soft from the first application itself.

4. Neutrogena Fine Fairness Toner

About the product
A whitening toner with an exclusive combination of   Vitamin C and Essential Soy™ that is clinically proven to improve overall skin fairness and translucence
It does not lighten at all. It is light and smooth and great for sensitive skin.
It is alcohol free and gentle, budget friendly and great toner for daily use.

5. Seabuck Essence Jojoba Face Scrub.  

The scrub is to die for. It is light, creamy and great for exfoliation. I highly recommend this for all skin types.

6. Ayurvedic Skin lightning oil

About the product
The Ayurveda product is designed to be used for treating discoloration, pigmentation and exfoliation. Designed for the use of both men and women, the Ayurvedic recipe acts on your skin, reducing the freckles that have formed on it and removing sun spots that have left a mark on your skin for a long time now. The Lightening Oil’s exfoliating properties brighten your skin at the end of each use, leaving your skin looking healthy from within.
I love the exotic smell. It makes your skin shine but takes a while to absorb. This oil is highly economical and worth a try.

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