Kolkata Diaries 2 – Food Review – Fire And Ice

Half Fire Of Bengal (Spicy Mutton ) and Half Pollo (Tomato Sauce, Chicken, Mozzarella, Fresh vegetables)
Pasta with mutton
Chicken breast with steamed rice

There is nothing like spending a quiet evening with divine food and old friends with a dash of oomph. I am not really a food buff but love dining at interesting and flamboyant places. Fire and Ice in Kolkata is one of its kind restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine.

The place gives a happy vibe. It didn’t seem to be an authentic italian cuisine but the menu is kept as seamless as possible. We ordered pasta in white sauce that was finger-licking and we could not get enough of it. It was amazing to indulge in enticing aromas of freshly baked whole wheat pizza. The chicken steak served with steamed rice was not really up to the mark and didn’t live up to my expectations. 

This eatery enthralls with chirpy ambiance and gastronomical fare. The vintage posters give a classic twist. The staff is courteous and cool. They even gave me a print out of the menu card when I was scrutinizing the place around and clicking. But you might have to shell out more and much to my chagrin, it is not really worth it.

The place is worth going once in a while for a pleasant dining experience. The lively ambiance wins all the brownie points. 

41, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Kanak Building, Ground Floor, 
Near Russel Sreet, Kolkata
12 Noon to 12 Midnight
Pocket Pinch: 1500-2000 INR for 2 (without alcohol)
What I like? 
Licensed for alcohol, thin crust whole wheat pizzas and chirpy ambience 

Must Try – Pastas and Pizzas with thin and whole wheat base

Verdict: Unreasonable prices and not really scrumptious Italian cuisine 
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