Kolkata Diaries 3 – Food Review – Mocambo

I have been having a great time exploring the city and experiencing culinary delights. The city has its own charm just like Bangalore. Mocambo is one place you get to hear about, the moment you step in Kolkata which brings with it a dose of contemporary culture. It is quite opulent by Kolkata standards. I got to know the place became more popular since Bollywood actress Vidya Balan was seen sipping coffee in the movie, Kahaani.

The dimly lit ambience creates a cozy atmosphere. The old fashioned red leather scoop seats and hanging lampshades will not put you off but render a royal feeling. 
I ordered a chicken steak and grilled fish. The waft of steak was enough to entice me. It was perfect to soothe my grumpy olfactory senses. Thumbs up for the chicken steak. However, they did skimp on the quantity of grilled fish. I have forgotten what my friend ordered. The garlic soup and butter chicken were satisfactory. But, in the end four people were satiated with happy tummies.
People still visit the restaurant which is evident from the queues outside. They don’t make reservations and the regulars have been whining about the deteriorating quality. Maybe the managers are happy with the amount of footfalls but they really need to revamp the quality of food.
To sum it up, the warm behavior, pocket friedly meal and retro ambience fill your heart. I can say it without any qualms I would love to visit the place again whenever I get a chance.
In other news, I had been on a shopping detox for this month. But it is not working out anymore. Sigh. I need tips from you on how to develop a habit of saving and refrain from shopping. XOXO.

Grilled Fish

Garlic Soup
Chicken Steak – One of the best steaks I have had in Kolkata

Building No. 25 B, Park Street

Near Music World, Kolkata – 700016
11 AM to 11 PM IST
(+91) 33 22290095, (+91) 33 22464300 

Pocket Pinch:  700-800 INR for 2 (without alcohol)
What I like? 
Licensed for alcohol
Local cuisine   

What I didn’t like? 
No reservations and long queues outside

Must Try – Mixed Grills, Fish Wellington and Chicken Tetrazzin

Verdict: Reasonable prices and quick service wins all the brownie points 

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