Look Of The Day – Lines of Fashion

She embraces loneliness and finds solace with her coffee. She might be stuck in the time wrap. She lets the emotions cloud her judgement. Work and workout is her only redemption. Her elaborate dresses, red lipstick and whimsical hairdos are the weapons of defiance. 
She might not be able to keep up with the frantic pace of fashion. But she has a high need for styling. Her dramatic clothes disrobe her character. 
It is rightly said be strong enough to walk away from someone or something that no longer serves you or keeps you happy. Life I tell you! When it throws it little curves at you all you have to do it face it and look at the sunny side of everything.
A suave dress with diagonal stripes epitomizes ethereal beauty. Red sling bag with spikes from Indiebazaar for the pop of color. It works perfectly by adding some color accents to the look. Nude heels and a statement necklace complete the look. View the more funky bags here. 
Founded in February 2012, Indiebazaar is a name coined by combining the word Independent (‘Indie’ in short) with ‘Bazaar‘ (a marketplace). As the name signifies, Indiebazaar was created to bring together a new breed of independent artists, designers and musicians and give them a satisfying and profitable outlet for their creativity.
Their mission is to help you flaunt your individuality by delivering to your doors, items and experiences that are truly unique. Take a look at the wide selection of products on display and we promise you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice.
Indiebazaar has a wide array of products ranging from home and living, apparel, footwear, accessories, stationary, mobile accessories, stationary, lamp and shades. I love their accessories and don’t forget to check out their quirky cushion covers. Check out more funky bags here. 

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