Look Of The Day – An Ode to Winter Florals

Don’t you love dressing up for winters especially when the temperature is not really dipping compared to other parts of the country? The balmy weather calls for some winter florals that provides some cold season luxury. They have a dazzling appeal and the dark and edgy prints take the look to a whole new level. Anyway, I love wearing florals all year around be it murky winters or harsh summers.

When I stumbled across this floral dress while surfing internet, I could not resist. There is nothing like adding blooms to your wardrobe to keep the gloominess at bay. I paired it with ankle length boots and a chocolate brown bag to subdue the look and add an air of playfulness. 
P.S. For battling frigid and relentless cold, layer it up with tights and over coats. However, Kolkata has been freezing in last few days and I am doing my best to layer it up in style. Here take a look. 
I am wearing
Floral Dress – ZOVI
Boots – Nine West
Chocolate Tote Bag – FCUK
Belt – ZARA 
Also, I am keen to share some interesting and thought-provoking information with you. Mull over this. What do you have to say?
For those who are viewing this page. I ought to tell you this that It is my opinion and my blog. I am a dictator of taste but I don’t inflict myself on you, Period. It is okay to have your own opinion. It is okay to dislike and even criticize. It is okay to think others are jobless and not worth it. It is okay to be jealous of others and mock at them, grimace and continue brooding over it . But you are nobody to inflict yourself and your beliefs on others. You might harbor resentment but the problems springs up when you raise your voice publicly and when your comments will be a slur on others. Because in the process you will be hurting someone and such actions will only demean the person. 
I tell you, everyone has their own beliefs and faith in something, even our own opinions and ideas change. But you cant meddle in or snoop into someone’s affairs and look  down on them when nobody came up to you personally.
I would just say lead your own life in a good way. I had read these beautiful lines somewhere, “Work on self improvement so that you don’t have time for criticizing others.”
It is your choice and it is my choice. What choices I make, it defines me. I have all the love for the people who visit my blog and appreciate my efforts and my interests. I would humbly bow down. XOXO.

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