Look Of The Day – An Ode to Winter Florals

Don’t you love dressing up for winters especially when the temperature is not really dipping compared to other parts of the country? The balmy weather calls for some winter florals that provides some cold season luxury. They have a dazzling appeal and the dark and edgy prints take the look to a whole new level. […]

Look Of The Day – Pink and Blue

Last day of this year and last post as well. I am completing the blog post with a casual look and on a positive note. This year had all the drama in my life from happiness, anger, fights, insanity, dejection, loneliness, love, success and failure. We become slaves to our emotions. We put limitations on […]

Culinary Marvels – Back Stage – Kolkata

My last few days in the city and I have not been able to covet time and blog about the ‘must-visit’ places in Kolkata which I will miss. The city of joy is known for food. Although, street food is not my thing (Unhealthy!) but one can relish good bengali and continental food. You get […]

Look Of The Day – Florals and Pearls

I love prints. Unspoken elegance! Floral prints are the ones always on my radar. They continue to flourish on clothing all year round and I feel they are surely an embodiment of purity. Florals are not only for summers you can flaunt it during fall by layering effortlessly. Summers can feel endless while it is all […]

Look Of The Day – An Ode to Winters

All is dark and beautiful here beneath the winter skies. The darkness that pervades makes me numb. The shroud of mist in the sky blur the path. The winter unleashes fury. It can be excruciating. Yet, it is magical and mystifying. I let this sink in and prepare myself to be stronger.   All I […]

Culinary Delights – The Winter Feast at Punjab Grill

This is my first post from the city of Mumbai and at the moment everything seems topsy turvy. Hectic work and relocating to a new city is a Herculean task. However, I received a warm welcome from the people around and I was quite overwhelmed to be invited for the inauguration of the winter menu […]

Look Of The Day – Lines of Fashion

She embraces loneliness and finds solace with her coffee. She might be stuck in the time wrap. She lets the emotions cloud her judgement. Work and workout is her only redemption. Her elaborate dresses, red lipstick and whimsical hairdos are the weapons of defiance.  She might not be able to keep up with the frantic pace of […]